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Exploring Leadership For College Students Who Want to Make a Difference, Facilitation and Activity Guide Based on the third edition of the best-selling text Exploring Leadership, this companion Facilitation and Activity Guide is designed to help educators work with students to develop their leadership potential in order to become effective leaders. The guide contains dynamic teaching strategies and active learning modules that can be used for organizing a course or workshop series. Created by renowned leadership educators in higher education, these modules have proven to be effective in classroom-tested exercises. Designed to be flexible, the active learning modules can be used in either curricular or cocurricular settings and can be structured to build on each other or stand alone. Each module corresponds with a chapter of Exploring Leadership as well as units in the companion Student Workbook, which includes worksheets, discussion questions, journal prompts, and space for reflective writing. Praise for Exploring Leadership: Facilitation and Activity Guide «This is a must-have resource for anyone teaching or facilitating leadership education. It does what many other resources fail to do it gives tangible, real-world applications of complex content that can be used immediately!» —John Dugan, assistant professor, Loyola University Chicago «Wendy Wagner, Daniel Ostick, and colleagues have done a phenomenal job designing powerful learning activities for students using the third edition of Exploring Leadership. Leadership educators will benefit from their years of experience. We are thrilled to join them in helping college students develop their leadership capacity.» —Susan Komives, Nance Lucas, and Tim McMahon, authors of Exploring Leadership, Third Edition