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mujammil irfan the hands on guide to clinical reasoning in medicine

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The comprehensive and authoritative guide to clinical reproductive science The field of clinical reproductive science continues to evolve; this important resource offers the basics of reproductive biology as well as the most recent advance in clinical embryology. The author – a noted expert in the field – focuses on the discipline and covers all aspects of this field. The text explores causes of male and female infertility and includes information on patient consultation and assessment, gamete retrieval and preparation, embryo culture, embryo transfer and cryopreservation. Comprehensive in scope, the text contains an introduction to the field of clinical reproductive science and a review of assisted reproductive technology. The author includes information on a wide range of topics such as gonadal development, the regulation of meiotic cell cycle, the biology of sperm and spermatogenesis, in vitro culture, embryo transfer techniques, fundamentals of fertilisation, oocyte activation and much more. This important resource: Offers an accessible guide to the most current research and techniques to the science of clinical reproduction Covers the fundamental elements of reproductive science Includes information on male and the female reproductive basics – everything from sexual differentiation to foetal development and parturition Explores the long-term health of children conceived through IVF Contains the newest developments in assisted reproductive technology Clinical Reproductive Science is a valuable reference written for professionals in academia, research and clinical professionals working in the field of reproductive science, clinical embryology and reproductive medicine.